Key Concept

India accounts for 36.6% of suicides globally and the highest number of suicides have been seen among youth (WHO). In addition the current state of Covid-19 has added to the stress level and increase incidence of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders many fold. Thus, with the idea of taking an initiative towards Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy, Unique Psychological Services (UPS) wishes to offer a unique platform to youth towards becoming their ‘More Meaningful Me (MMM)’ using the following 10 themes

Key Themes:

  • An escape from self
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Communication Gap
  • Over indulgence in materialism
  • Wavering Relationships
  • Living a fake social identity
  • Youth, Internet and addiction
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Path towards happiness & success
  • Becoming ‘More Meaningful Me’

How to participate: (Every Saturday, 11am to 1pm)

  • Youth of any discipline, Schools, Colleges, Non Collegiate can participates.
  • Present your ideas on these themes as poetry, jingles, rap or short narratives (Time Limit 5 Min) (must send entries before 30th June 2020 on )
  • Join live chat session and interact with the experts & get empowered


  • e- Certificate for all participants
  • Key learning, essential skills & a better mental health

Organisers :

Mr. Atul Kumar
Ms. Gagandeep Kaur Director
Ms Tanushree
Youth Wellness

Youth Wellness Webinar Series 2020

Towards More Meaningful Me

Webinar Series No.Key ThemeDetails of UPS Youth Wellness Ambassadors & Guest Speaker    Date(11am-12pm)
1Emotional Well-beingGuest Speaker: Dr. Richa Chowdhary UPS YWAs: Yogita, Sanjana, Tanvi4th July 2020
2Communication GapGuest Speaker: Dr. Vandana Ghambir UPS YWAs: Kushika, Sanjana11th July 2020
3Wavering RelationshipsGuest Speaker:Dr. Wahida Khan UPS YWAs: Mehak, Shubham, Vanshika18th July 2020
4Youth, Internet and addictionGuest Speaker:Dr. Chavi Bhargava UPS YWAs: Anvesha, Shubham 25th July 2020
5Path towards happiness & successGuest Speaker: Dr. Monika UPS YWAs: Sanjana, Vanshika1st August 2020
6An escape from selfGuest Speaker: Dr. Abha Singh UPS YWAs: Sanjana, Namrata 8th August 2020
7Over indulgence in materialismGuest Speaker: Dr. Vinita Sondhi UPS YWAs:Khushi, Namrata 15th August 2020
8Living a fake social identityGuest Speaker: Ms. Bibinaz Thokchom UPS YWAs: Kaushika, Mehak, Kanika22nd August 2020
9Dealing with rejectionGuest Speaker: Dr. Urvashi Singh UPS YWAs: Somya, Neha, Armaana29th August 2020
10Becoming More Meaningful MeGuest Speaker: Dr Babita Purusty UPS YWAs: Anvesha, Sanjana 5th September 2020
Tentative Schedule

Our UPS Youth Wellness Ambassador

Yogita Yadav
Sanjana Purdhani
Rhythm Verma
Mehak Thukral
Shubham Sharma
Somya Bhatnagar
Armaana Malhotra