Wrong reasons behind choosing a Career?

Talking about CAREERS is essential as many children when not properly guided, end up arriving at a career choice either by fluke or without adequate consideration and understanding.

Many tend to choose careers or streams based on some of the following erroneous factors:

What appears glamorous:

Often children choose careers that look glamorous based on the perks involved, amount of money one could earn and the easy of work, with as little effort as possible. To be successful and to earn money one needs to put in effort and one needs to be focused, determined and also needs to look at all aspects of a career like its lifespan , what is one’s aim in life and what one would really enjoy doing , therefore looking carefully at all aspects of the work involved.

What seems trendy

Children may choose a career based on what almost every second person on earth seems to be doing believing that if such a career is chosen, success is guaranteed. Children often forget to see whether their abilities and potential match the career that is so much in demand at present. One also needs to keep in mind, what is popular today, may not be popular tomorrow.

What most of their friends have chosen

Many believe that their friends may know better than them and the fact most of their friends have chosen a particular stream, so it may be a right thing to do. Probably thinking that majority is always right; not realizing that some decisions are far more individualistic than others.

Based on commonly prevalent myths

Many children end up choosing a stream over the other wrongly believing that it has more career options and a greater scope thereby ensuring that one would certainly be able to become something or the other. One needs to understand that the key lies in not choosing a basket with more options but the one with THE RIGHT OPTIONS.

 Based on what family and relatives recommend

Many simply choose a career based on wishes, dreams and ambitions of their parents and family member. And some may do what their elders tell them or suggest them to do believing that the elders know better as they have comparatively greater experience of life. Well, it is true that their experience of life in general is greater than theirs but how does this guarantee that their knowledge and wisdom about what is going to be THE RIGHT CAREER for them, is right.

Based on what their cousins or elder siblings are doing

 Seeing their elder sibling and cousins enjoy and doing well in a particular career, may make some choose the same career, believing that it may also turn out ‘right’ for them. There are high chances that one’s abilities and interests may be quite different from those of their cousins and siblings, hence making them suitable for some other careers. One needs to remember that luck favours only those who think and act wisely.

Based on marks obtained

Often academic score is not a correct indicator of one’s intelligence or ability but usually people end up evaluating one’s intelligence or ability based on their academic score. As a result many children end up choosing a stream or a career option believing that, that particular option shall ‘certify’ their intelligence. Thus high scorers usually take up science, erroneously thinking that it is the field of intelligent people and a low scorer may think that he or she is best suited for Humanities.

 Based on ease

Some children choose a stream thinking that studying its subjects shall require comparatively less effort, forgetting that there is nothing in this world that can be achieved or excelled without putting in an effort. Also, half-efforts put in a task are as good as putting in no efforts. What seems easy for one, may seem difficult for the other, as the ease depends largely on one’s aptitude for that particular thing.


Often when career options are chosen based on the above mentioned erroneous reasons, the results can sometimes be disastrous. For some, it can result in a never-ending cycle of frustration, pain, failure, avoidance and even suicide.

It is for you to decide……

 Whether you would want to choose your career based on erroneous factor


Would you prefer to choose your career wisely?

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