What is Career?


Although a simple word, yet too complex a term to deal with. It is what makes or mars us. Being able to make a correct decision about the same is often so essential that it eventually shapes who we become not just professionally but also as a person. It determines one’s level of satisfaction, well-being and one’s mental state.

At times it is  easily confused with its sibling terms like job, work, occupation etc.

Some define career as the sequence of occupations, jobs and positions, occupied by an individual during the course of his or her working life. These terms though popularly used in the place of the term career are slightly different from it.


Can be defined as  something one does largely with the sole objective of earning money.


Refers to something so worth doing for its own sake. One may get paid or may not get paid for the same. Also, a work that may seem right for us at one stage of our life may not be right for us at the next stage of life.


Is defined as a specific work activity one is involved in, in one’s occupational work life.

Most people around us are seen engaged in either a job, or a work or an occupation and there are very few people living out their careers. And this is exactly what determines whether you will be listed among the top successful people or among the many, who, seem to be largely managing their professional lives.

So what is a career then?

  • It is something one lives with, for the rest of their life
  • Something which provides a sense of happiness and satisfaction
  • Enabling one to display one’s true potential, as one is likely to be the most creative at it.
  • Anything that adds meaning to life and is closely related to one’s identity
  • An aspect that determines the way one looks at oneself and want the world to see them as
  • Career is something  where the hurdles or challenges motive one and make them stand out from the rest
  • Making one love every single minute of what one does.

If you feel the same as above, then you are in the right career, but if you don’t feel so, then it’s time to consult a career counsellor. The choice is yours—

To choose a career by fluke or luck and resent every single day of your life


To make a more planned informed decision so that you have more to celebrate than to repent later…?

What choice would you make…?

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