Connecting Quality Services

UPS strongly believe that, Together we learn, together we grow & Together we serve & achieve more. 
Thus, with this spirit, uniEmpower is a platform provided by UPS where different mental health professionals are requested to join hands to serve society meaningfully at large.

Our Aim

uniEmpower aims to connect different Mental Health Professionals from all over India and globe to ensure ethical and quality human care and psychological well-being services that can be provided to one and all 

Our Mission

To provide quality services by all Mental Health Professionals, ranging from psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychologist, counselor, special educator, occupational therapist and speech therapist all under one roof, in different parts of the globe. To provide all services ranging from relationship counselling, expressive art based therapies, self-analysis to positive well-being for one and all.

Our Goal

To empower people to better connect themselves and to be able to live a more happy, meaningful, productive and satisfying live ahead.

To be able to provide world-class services to all sectors of life be it child, adolescents, adult, geriatrics, disability, clinical and normal population.

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