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Promotion of Quality Mental Health Services
Connecting Professionals Across India
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What is uniConnect?

uniConnect is a wing of Unique Psychological Services which aims to connect Psychologists /Psychological Services from all over India. It  aims to ensure ethical and quality human care and psychological wellbeing among Indian population. UniConnect desires to collaborate with all the professionals/NGO/Gov Orgnaizations/ Pvt Organization in all the cities of India to create a platform where people to can easily reach them through both online and offline mode sitting in any part of the country. It will act as an interface between the client and the  registered clinical psychologist providing 24 hour convenient access to psychological services all over India. We envision a society that has available, accessible quality psychological services to all the sections of society.


The mission of uniConnect is to:

  1. Make psychological services easily accessible to all the sections of Indian society.
  2. Connect all the Psychological Services with the people within their region and to promote psychological wellbeing.
  3. Promote the highest quality care for individuals with psychological and psychiatric concerns and their families.
  4. Advance and Popularise the Profession of Mental Health.
  5. Serve the professional needs of its membership.
  6. Foster collaboration among all who are concerned with therapeutic, medical, clinical, social and all other aspects of mental health and illness.
  7. Creating Training and Teaching Facilities for psychology and non psychology people envolved in metal helath profession.


  1. To improve access to and quality of psychological services.
  2. To foster collaboration among all who are concerned with prevention therapeutic, psychiatric and clinical aspects of mental health and illness.
  3. Extend communication to increase member engagement and value.
  4. Promote the applications of psychological science to daily living.
  5. Promote the application of psychological knowledge for improving overall health and wellness at the individual, organizational and community levels.

Why uniConnet

Mental Health is a major concern worldwide and India is not far behind in sharing this. Mental disorders have traditionally been very much stigmatized and persons with mental disorders experience many forms of discrimination. If we evaluate developments in the field of mental health, the pace appears to be slow. The main barrier in the mental health service provisions is the shortage of manpower. In India, an estimated 15 crore (150 million, 12.5%) people need active interventions for mental illnesses. Of these, nearly 1.2 crore (12 million) are living with serious mental disorders. On account of the shortfall of specialist and health services for mental illness, treatment is unavailable or inaccessible even for those who actively seek health care. There is nearly one trained psychiatrist for every 2,50,000 people, and overall mental health workforce (psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, and psychiatric social workers together) availability is <1 per 1,00,000 population. An estimated 36–45 lakh (or 3.6–4.5 million) people in India require hospitalization for mental illnesses; however, only 6.4–8 dedicated psychiatric beds are available for every 1000 patients in need for hospitalization. The distribution of mental health workforce and facilities is also skewed towards major cities, which leaves no surprise that local healers and nonqualified providers are the first point of care seeking even for serious mental health conditions in India.

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