Knowing and handling people is I believe one of the most challenging tasks for all irrespective of their discipline or the part of globe they belong to. In fact, our happiness, sense of satisfaction, contentment and mental peace to a great degree depends on the choices we make. Fortunately or unfortunately, often these choices concern other people around us.

Benefits of signature analysis

I often wonder, if it is even possible to simply know what’s going in someone’s mind in a fraction of few seconds. Well, the answer is –YES. And the key to this lock lies in Graphological Analysis—the art of Handwriting Analysis. Graphology is a very accurate reliable tool used in different parts of the world for the purpose of recruitment in different companies, forensics, counseling, people handling careers and even when it comes to choosing a life partner

One key subset of graphology is SIGNATURE ANALYSIS—that is, the art of knowing and understanding the other by simply analyzing their signature. A better understanding of people through signature analysis can enable one to:

  1. Choose the right people over the wrong
  2. Choose wise, loyal, honest and reliable friends, business associates and even a better life partner.
  3. Decide which roles needs to be assigned to whom
  4. Know how to handle each individual skillfully keeping in mind their key strengths and limitations.
  5. Master the skill and art of handling people effectively
  6. Minimize the chance of being cheated or taken advantage of
  7. Be popular among peers, in general too.

What does signature analysis reveal

Signature Analysis enables one to know the following characteristics about the other by simply looking at their signatures:

  1. How reliable and honest one is
  2. Is the other projecting a false image or not
  3. How materialistic or flamboyant one is
  4. How determined, confident and forward moving one is
  5. Is someone a highly insecure, pessimistic person who can be nagging
  6. How formal or informal one is
  7. What kind of a relationship does one share with their family
  8. Is one highly self-critical, dramatic and emotionally vulnerable or not
  9. Whether someone has the capacity to accept their mistake and take criticism constructively or not
  10. And lots more….

In short, Signature Analysis, tell us very clearly, whether the other person is worth keeping a relationship or not.

Who can learn Signature Analysis

 Signature analysis is a skill that anyone with a good observational and analytical ability and with a genuine interest in people can learn. To me, it is an asset that has and continues to help me in making wise choices, especially when it comes to people. It is a special skill having multiple benefits that one can inculcate in self.

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Hope you all have a meaningful relationship with yourself and others around you…

….which enables you to become your MMM—More Meaningful Me….

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