‘Technology-My child’s best friend’

My son is 9 years old, he’s a bright student. But my only concern is that he doesn’t socialize with children of his age. He prefers to play video games on his mobile phone or his tablet over out door games. What is the solution to this problem?’

When most of us were children mobile phones didn’t even exist, so it can feel quite alien to us when our children feel the need to have one. The ever growing market has tapped into the technology-thirsty young generation and there are even mobile phones for four year old.

Here are some tips for the parents on how they can limit and keep a check on their child’s mobile usage:

1.’Does your child need a mobile phone?‘ Ask yourself this question:

As a parent ask yourself whether your child really needs a mobile phone, and whether you feel they would be capable of using one in an emergency.  If you are getting a phone, pick one you feel your child can manage.  There is no point in having an “all singing all dancing” phone if they aren’t going to be able to work it.

2 Setting the boundaries:

Make sure your children understand the rules. Make rules for time spent talking on the phone . You can ban the mobile phone in the bedroom at night . Ban the mobile phone at other times such as meal times, or when they are supposed to be doing their homework. The phone has to be switched off or put in another room

3. Use Parental Controls :

Protect kids from explicit content on TV and online. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your children are viewing on TV and what they’re doing online.

4. Talk to Kids About the Dangers of Too Much Screen Time:

Kids who understand, “It’s not healthy to watch too much TV,” are less likely to try and break the rules compared to kids who think, “I can’t watch TV because my parents are mean.”

In an age-appropriate manner, explain how violent video games, movies, and images can be harmful to kids.

5.  Encourage Other Activities:

Kids easily grow dependent on technology for entertainment. Encourage your children to become involved in activities that don’t involve screens.

Get your child to play outside, read a book or play a game. 

6.Make Screen Time a Privilege:

Screen time should be a privilege and not a right. Take away privileges  such as TV time or computer use, as a negative consequence . Once you’ve set a limit on how much screen time is allowed, don’t allow kids to earn extra time as a reward . Instead, stick to the daily limit and offer other free or low cost rewards.

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