UniTest is a division of Unique Psychological Services which aims to provide best psychological products at reasonable price in the area of psychological testing and to provide support to psychological laboratories and individuals/organizations in choosing the best available tests as per their specific need. We don’t just sell psychological tests but work with a much wider horizon:

Special Features

  •  We create awareness about psychological test and therapeutic products.
  •  We help individuals/organizations/institutions to select best available tests as per their specific needs for their use and establishing psychology laboratories.
  •  We provide good quality psychology materials.
  •  We provide training programs for learning specific testing/using specific computerized programs.
  •  We provide assistance in developing new tests and equipment and publishing them.


Our Products

uniTest provides materials like

  •  Psychological testing
  •  Neuro & Bio-Feedback
  •  Computerized Testing
  •  Apparatus & Instruments

For after sale queries, test quotation or training request mail to or call at +91 9250290502, 9899375790.