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I often wonder if all it takes is ‘love’ to make a relationship a success. Relationship is all about being who you are and at the same time allowing your partner to be who they are. Relationships are essential to every human’s survival both at the physical, emotional and psychic level. Any disturbance in this area, badly affects not just the person himself or herself but also several others associated with that person.

Sometimes it is important to ask oneself the following questions:

  1. Am I in a healthy relationship?
  2. What is affecting my relationship?
  3. What can I do to enhance my relationship?
  4. Should I continue to stay in this relationship?????….


What is a healthy relationship?

A relationship is which both partners give space to each other, trust and respect each other can be seen as a healthy relationship.

Why are healthy relationships importance?

Healthy relationship fulfills each individual’s basic needs of love, belonging , security, approval above all acceptance. Fulfillment of these need gives us happiness, which is what we all aspire the most for.

What is relationship counselling?

It refers to the process of taking professional help from relationship  counselors and experts to deal with various concerns one faces and to implement ways of making their relationships healthier and happier. At UPS, relationship counselling services can be availed in three ways–

  1. Face-to face individual counselling\
  2. Telephonic counselling
  3. e-counselling

Some of the common problems seen in a relationship are|:-

  • Infidelity/Extra-marital relationship
  • Lack of trust,respect,dignity
  • Poor communication
  • Incompatibility or adjustment problems
  • Break-up, Separationa and divorce
  • Conflict over money, family, work, children, in-laws

How can you help?

If you know someone in need of help, you can offer the help by sharing the following contact details or you can get in touch with our relationship experts:

Our Uniqueness

  • Confidentiality: Information shared with our Professionals remain confidential
  • Professional: Our professionals are RCI licence practitioners which rich experience in the area of marital
  • Convenience: One can contact to us via, face to face, telephonic, e- at a mutually agreeable convenient time.