Unique School Mental Health Services

Unique School Mental Health Services (USMHS) is a division of UPS, that focus largely on child mental health concerns, their psychological holistic growth and aims to empower every school, teacher and parents to actualize their full potential.

It aims to empower every students, teacher and parents to actualize their full potentials. These services aim to enhance the understanding of the teachers and the parents about various childhood and adolescent concerns that they often find themselves struggling with. A psychologically sound child does well both in his academics and his life, thereby taking the name of his school and parents higher.

It’s Objectives

  •  Empowering students, parents, teachers, and the School
  •  Facilitating a healthy environment
  •  Fostering overall growth and development

To fulfil these objectives, all the teachers and staff are encouraged to take active part in workshops conducted by UPS, so that they can replicate the same in school. Power-point of the workshop is usually given to the school.

Mode of Conduction of Workshops

  •  Role Plays
  •  Case Discussion
  •  Group Discussion
  •  Activities
  •  Videos

The schools are most welcome to get in touch with us round the year for assistance and feedback The details of workshops for teachers, students and parents with commercials are given below:

Our Workshop

For Students
  •  Sex-Education: handling sexuality and developing the right attitude
  •   Drug addiction and abuse
  •  Career planning
  •  Handling bullying and teasing
  •  Dealing with exam
For Teachers
  •  Workshop on handling sexuality and developing the right attitude
  •   Common childhood concerns and basic management
  •  Positive disciplining strategies
  •  Interpersonal relationship
  •  Life skills training
For Parents
  •  Parenting Skills