Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

– Confucius

An average person spends more than half of his or her life in his office, working. But how many of us are really happy and love what we do? Would we want our children to also live a life where they get up every morning resenting going to a workplace or looking up for excuses to avoid going or we would want hem to be happy, satisfied and actively looking forward to each day of their life to excel and love every single minute of what they do… well, this brings me to one of the most important question that might arise in the hearts and minds of many of us—-IS THIS REALLY POSSIBLE???

Yes, it is. The best possible choice can be made through the right kind of career counselling…

What is Career Counselling?

It refers to all the processes involved in knowing about various career options, pros and cons inherent in each, nature of work requires, perks, salary vacancies involved and then arriving at a decision of which career options suit one the best keeping in mind one’s key strengths, limitations, motivations, academic potentials, skills and resources available. It is usually carried out with the help of professionals called career counsellors.

Ironically, instead of actively seeking right amount of career counselling, most people spend so much on their education and luxury without giving a thought whether they are investing in the right direction. I mean how many of us, especially the students, are sure that they really want to take up science or commerce or humanities in the first place? Do most children choose a stream based on marks, or what they friends have taken or what their parents, cousin or other adults around tell them. We often hear statements like

  • “My job is highly paid, and the workplace is so cool!”
  • “You should go for non-med, it is in trend”
  • “I will opt for science stream because all my friends are.”
  • “Opt for the Science streams, there is greater scope and more career options!”
  • “My family wanted me to take a job in Marketing.”
  • “I took this stream because my elder brother did the same”
  • “I scored highest in Science so I would choose Science stream in college as well.”
  • “I took Humanities because it’s easy.”

So, what are the right reasons to choose stream or a job? Ideally one should choose a career based on the following factors:

  1. An individual’s Aptitude: something an individual is inherently good at
  2. An individual’s Interests: one is likely to be good at what one enjoys doing
  3. An individual’s Personality: individual’s unique constellation of psychological states or traits
  4. Nature of work
  5. An individual’s Strengths and limitations
  6. An individual’s Motivations
  7. An individual’s Aspirations
  8. An individual’s and his/her family’s value system
  9. An individual’s academic potential
  10. Expectations
  11. Availability of Resources

What is Career testing?

The most scientific and accurate way of knowing what you are inherently good at, what you thoroughly enjoy and hence at what you are most likely to succeed is career profiling or popularly known as career testing. Career testing refers to the process of using standardised research based psychological tests to know one’s aptitude, interest and personality. These tests are highly accurate and certainly ensure a more sorted, planned and a stable, successful career path for us.

This bring me to the last thought that often crosses my mind—-

Do I wish to live the rest of my life based on chances and luck or would like to make a more planned informed decision so that I have more to celebrate than to repent later…? What choice would you make…?

Career Counseling

Deciding about ones future is often a very difficult task, especially when there are so many options available and so many people to give a myriad of different opinions which one cannot ignore. One has to encounter stiff competition and several other pressures to cope with. Yet this is one of the most essential decision one has to take much early in life, as career is something that one lives for the rest of their lives. And a poor career choice can lead to a never ending spiral of dissatisfaction and frustration.

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