REJECTION – the end of my life – REALLY???

Rejection–‘I am not good enough’—–is often what most people think when they face a rejection in any form in their life. It is often associated with feeling of shame, sadness or grief people feel when they are not accepted. Non-acceptance of one’s idea, work or self by others can at times be too troublesome where it may make someone feel traumatized, depressed, and worthless and may bring someone to a stage of committing suicide or harming self.

But can there ever be a life devoid of any disagreement or non-acceptance of your work or idea by others around you? Does this feeling of rejection have no important role to play in your life? I guess, the answer is a BIG NO, as rejection helps us to reflect within and has the potential to bring the best out of us.

I personally feel that rejection is not completely bad. In fact, one tends to feel rejected only when one rejects self and ends up believing the negative remarks given by others on the face value without thinking through them. Such a reaction on our part and the glorified and magnified fear of rejection that we may at times carry, often stops us from trying new things, prevents us from believing self, thus blocking us from succeeding in life.

Imagine what would have happened if, Walt Disney had ended up believing what a newspaper editor told him that he lacked imagination and had no good ideas… I am sure, you and your children would have never had the joy of having Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as their faithful friends. We all have heard about Albert Einstein who as a child didn’t start talking until he was four, reading until he was seven, and was thought to be mentally handicapped. If Albert Einstein and his family didn’t choose to believe in themselves, then today we would not be enjoying the comfort of various inventions by such a great scientist like him.

Rejection, no where means the end of life, till you don’t choose to assume this meaning for self. We all need to remember that, there is always a reason behind a “no” that it leads one to THE RIGHT PATH. It is just that one only needs to be willing enough to see that path.

Below are some of the tips that one can follow to be able to more effectively deal with the feeling of rejection

Tip1: Do not take it personally: Do not doubt yourself or criticize yourself to a point that it becomes self-destructive and detrimental

Tip 2: Learn from it: Take each rejection as an opportunity to learn something new, as each setback is actually a stepping stone towards success.

Tip 3 Never give up: Keep trying and keep knocking as many doors as you can, as you may never know behind which door the real treasure may lie.

Tip 4 Blaming the other never helps: Revenge is never a correct solution for rejection as only deviates and distracts us, and propels us to a wrong trajectory.

Tip5 No matter what, you matter: moving ahead in life with this thought in mind, tends to keep us committed on our journey to success and give us the courage to change every obstacle into an amazing opportunity to unfold multiple possibilities for self expression and growth.

Tip 6: Introspect: An objective analysis of all rejections one faces in life, enables us to get a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. Focus on maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

Tip 7: Engage more in self-care: Remember it is no one but ‘you’ ‘your real self’ that stays in and out with you and stand by you in your thick and thin moments. So treat yourself with all the care, love and support it truly deserves.

Hope you all have a meaningful relationship with your rejections……

…which enables you to become your MMM—More Meaningful Me….


Vanshika Bhateja

UPS Youth Wellness Ambassador

III Year, B.A. (Hons) Applied Psychology

Amity University, NOIDA

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