Negative consequences of making an incorrect career decision?

Whenever the crucial decision of, what career one would like to pursue, is made by fluke or without a considerable wise thought and a thorough analysis, of various factors involved in choosing the right career option, the results can be disastrous.

For some it can result in a never-ending cycle of frustration, pain, failure, avoidance and even suicide.

And the others may be left with no choice but to live with the detrimental negative impact of incorrect career decisions, as follows:

Lack of interest

When a career option or a stream is chosen by an individual for wrong reasons, soon one tends to lose interest in the stream or the work one is required to do as it does not seem intriguing enough.

Also one may find that he or she is unable to relate to it as one’s aptitude may not lie in this area so he or she may find it too difficult to comprehend the task one is required to do.

Increased frustration

Since the task seems too difficult or boring, one begins to avoid it setting the soil ripe for cultivation of failure. Exposure to repeated failure, lack of joy in what one is studying or doing, soon results in a frustrating situation.  Thus some may end up believing that they have no choice but to live with this frustration for the rest of their life.

The blame game begins

 The frustration builds up in terms of aggression and soon the blame game begins. One tends to blame self, parents, teachers, elders, peers,  God and sometimes the entire world for a decision, which one has a greater responsibility for.

An unhappy life

 For those who believe that a decision once taken cannot be reversed for whatever personal, family or social reasons, usually tend to live the rest of their life with that career.

These people also continue to work but since they spend most of their day doing something they do not enjoy and are unhappy about, therefore soon this unhappiness seeps in their life. As a result they continue and go on to live a life filled with unhappiness and despair.

Walking down the ladder of depression

When one tends to walk on a career path that may not be correct for the individual, with anger in heart, frustration in mind and blame on the tongue, one is likely to feel lost, lonely and even deserted, adding up to their sadness. In some cases the sadness may grow deeper resulting in depression.

Some Experiences of mid life crisis

There are few who are able to gather enough courage to make a significant shift in their career and try to rebuild their career in their late 30s or early 40s.
What these people experience at this stage of their life where they have completed their education in a particular stream and have spent few years of their life working in a particular job profile and have comparatively several more responsibilities  ,is known as midlife crisis.

If you wish to save yourself

from the disastrous effects of incorrect career choices……

Then begin to think and act wisely….

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