‘My darker side…’

I saw him today; the face covered with a dense,

bushy and untamed layer of beard,

trying to hide the somber skin and melancholic eyes of his,

which screamed his despondency. Howbeit, he was ‘OK’.

In the era of technological advancement

and fast moving materialistic life,

depression is not even considered as a thing that could exist.

He is sad, gloomy, has lost interest in the things he used to adore;

he feels vacuous;

 smile has become a recherché guest of his;

nonetheless he is still ‘OK’.

Is it so conventional to not feel happy,

or have a sense of void;

is it so normal these days to not find contentment in whosoever one is,

whatsoever one does and wherever one puts up?

Are we really technologically advanced or emotionally backward.?

Hope one day we all find that mental peace and the strength to fight with our inner demons and become our MMM—More Meaningful Me.


Shubhangi Mukherjee

UPS Youth Wellness Ambassador

MA in Clinical Psychology

Amity University, NOIDA

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