How does career counselling help?

Career is something that we live for the rest of our life. Choosing an incorrect career path is known to have a lasting impact one’s personal, academic, future, and professional life. It can hamper one’s self-esteem, sense of self, confidence level, fill one with frustration, start the blame game and may make one fall into anxiety, depression and in some cases even suicide.


Effective Career Counseling can not only save one from the above mentioned devastating negative detrimental effects of an incorrect career choice, but it can also help in multiple ways. It enables one to effectively deal with the following factors—


Personal Factors

  • Parent Child Frictions
  • Academic struggles a child may be facing
  • Adequate financial planning for higher education.


Psychological Wellbeing

  • It addresses key questions associated with one’s happiness, joy, confidence
  • It answers queries associated with one’s fears, & apprehensions
  • And thus help one to accordingly make the right decision or career choice


Socio-Occupational Wellbeing

  • It ensures better employability of students
  • Better pay package
  • High job satisfaction, and
  • Fosters Mental Well-being


Career counselling can be helpful for you too…

All you need to do is to ask for it….


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