How does career counselling help?

Career is something that we live for the rest of our life. Choosing an incorrect career path is known to have a lasting impact one’s personal, academic, future, and professional life.

At times it can  hamper one’s self-esteem, sense of self, confidence level, fill one with frustration, start the blame game . At time some people may  fall into anxiety, depression and in some cases even suicide.

Effective Career Counselling helps us in choosing and making the correct career choice/decision . It helps us to make a career in the field or area in which we are strong and in which we can excel . 

Mostly Career Counselling deal with the three factors:

Personal Factors

  • Parent Child Frictions
  • The Academic struggles a child may be facing
  • Adequate financial planning for higher education.

Psychological Wellbeing

  • It addresses key questions associated with one’s happiness, joy, confidence.
  • All our  queries associated with our fears, & apprehensions are answered. 
  • Career counselling helps you to make the right decision or to select the right career.

Socio-Occupational Wellbeing

  • Career Counselling  ensures better employability of students
  • It ensures better pay package.
  • Job Satisafction increases 
  • Fosters Mental Well-being.

Career counselling can be helpful for you too…

All you need to do is to ask for it….

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