How can I nurture my child’s interest?

My son is 7 years old , my husband and I usually have disagreements regarding his parenting. We both are working , my husband wants him to take part in extra- curricular activities. So I made our son join dance and cricket classes, but he gets really exhausted after those classes and he is unable to complete his school work due to this. What is the solution to this situation?’

Some children seem to be born with plenty of interests; others struggle to find just one. It’s through exploration that your kids will stumble upon their interests. While structured activities have their place, giving kids ample downtime will let them develop a sense of wonder – to think about what it is they’re most interested in when it’s up to them to decide.

Here are some ways in which you can nurture your child’s interest

  1. Let your child discover her own interests– Pay attention the activities she chooses. This free-time play can say a lot about where her gifts lie.
  2. Expose your child to a broad spectrum of experiences– Don’t limit your child’s perception. Don’t assume that he isn’t gifted in an area because he hasn’t shown an interest. Let them explore things on their own
  3. Studies should not be the end point- Don’t just limit his/her interests to studies, but make him/her familiar with other experiences, let them be a part of other activities which interest them.
  4. Give your child permission to make mistakes– If she has to do things perfectly, she’ll never take the risks necessary to discover and develop a gift.
  5. Know and discover your child’s talent first – It’s very important to know your child’s talents and interests, as well as his/her physical capabilities. Because this will help you put them in different classes accordingly.
  6. Don’t pressure your child to learn–   If children are sent to special lessons every day in the hope of developing their gifts, they may become too stressed or exhausted to shine.  Encourage, but don’t push.

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