How accurate is career testing?

Career testing refers to the process of using standardized psychological tests with established norms, reliability and validity, to assist an individual to arrive at the right career choices.


 Standardisation means that the tests have been made after rigorous research. Proper scientific research methodology procedures have been used, during all stages of test construction. For instances, research goes in selecting the items that shall be included; the way the questions are worded; the manner in which they shall be administered and scored; to ensure that each item accurately assesses the key dimensions of a construct it is designed to measure.

The standardized tests before getting published are administered on thousands of people, the test findings are scrutinized, norms are collected and the reliability and validity of the test is statistically calculated. Usually takes loads of effort and years of rigorous research and improvisation before a test comes to its final shape. The findings of such tests are thus bound to be highly accurate.

However some people download a foreign test or some random questionnaires from net and cut, copy, paste some items from here and there, and claim that they have devised their own tests. Such practices are quite common, largely because large number of people without the psychology background and the certified training in psychological testing and with degree in management and what not, have begun to claim themselves as career counsellors. They are usually good with packaging and marketing and sometimes even succeed in selling wrong materials and ideas. The tests so made are highly fraudulent and using them for career evaluation is almost like committing a suicide.

The accuracy of the test findings also depend a great deal on:

How well the test is administered and evaluated; how accurately the test findings are interpreted and then integrated with several other factors to finally arrive at the right career decision. The expertise and clinical skills of the psychologist or career counsellors also play an inevitable role.

 It is for you to decide, whether you would want to be wrongly assessed using cut, copy, paste questionnaire downloaded from net…


Would to like to undergo standardized career assessment with pre-established norms, reliability and validity…


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