Exam Stress: Facts & Myths

It is a natural tendency to feel apprehensive about something that we do not fully understand. Often with these apprehensions, several myths are associated, that tend to add our anxiety. Much in the same way, there are several myths that have been associated with exams and the conviction with which these myths are often held, make it all the more difficult for one to cope with exam stress effectively. Below is a list of some myths and facts for the same.

Some myths and facts related to exam preparation

Myth#1 – Some people simply know how to study.

Fact- Studying is a skill. It can be learnt.

Myth#2 – Memory can be enhanced through use of certain drugs and medicines.

Fact- Instead of having drugs, it is better to take a balance diet with lots of green, leafy vegetables and fruits that supply the necessary vitamins and minerals. When one eats a balanced diet, there is no need for additional supplements.

Myth#3– Studying in the morning is the best thing to do.

Fact- – One can either study early in the morning or late at night as this depends more on one’s personal preference.

Myth#4– Gain more marks, one should study for more hours.

Fact- There is no co-relation between the number of hours one     studies and the marks one obtains.The manner in which one studies and the strategies one uses makes all the difference.

Myth#5– Studying in the morning is the best thing to do.

Fact- One can either study early in the morning or late at night as    this depends more on ones personal preference.

Myth#6– One should always read the question paper first before solving it.

Fact- If reading the question paper in one go before attempting it causes lot of anxiety In you then it’s better to go question by question and leave the space for the question whose answer you do not know.

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These are just some of the myths and facts related to exam preparation.
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