Introduction to Graphology

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Even before you happen to look at the letters and words written on a sheet of paper, the first close look at the overall presentation in terms of margins, flow, pressure, strokes, spacing etc. tell us a great deal about the writer. Amazingly, you can even analyse a sheet of paper containing words written in a jumbled up sense that do not seem to make any sense.

Key Highlights

  • Best Highly Professional Experienced Faculty
  • Complete coverage of all the key 12 dimensions of Handwriting analysis
  • Experience the immense power of Handwriting Analysis even before you begin to analyze letters

  • One live class of 2 Hours on 1st Wednesday of Month 4 pm to 6 pm
  • 70 Min of Video Lecture
  • 1 MCQ Quiz & a writing sample to analyze along the key dimensions of graphology
  • Maximum duration: 15 days
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