2 Months Psychology Internship

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1 Week, 15 Days & 1 month Internship is a part of 2 month internship. After registering for 2 month internship, 1 week, 15 days & 1 Month internship will also be allotted to you and you are required to see all the videos included in 1 week, 15 days, 1 month & 2 months internship program.

Internship Program Details

Think Beyond Books

Key Highlights

*Supporting Theoretical Classes *Logical Explanations *Opportunity to Question and Learn *Concept Clarity *Supervised Online Training *Exposure to real life cases *Imparting Skills *Role Plays *Exposure to Different Therapies *Assessments *Field visits/Posting *Ethical Practice *Flexibility to choose days & Time *Best Intern Award at 90+ Score

Duration: Includes the hours of 1 week, 15 days and 1 month Internship too

Mode of ConductionVideo Classes Live ClassesReading MaterialQuiz, Case SubmissionsTotal Hours 
Duration 31 Hours80 Hours 84 Hours 45 hours  240 Hours
Live Class Schedule
Live Classes are held every Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm
Attend Live Class using the following link

NOTE: Maximum duration to complete the level is 90 days. After that Course will expire.

Course Content

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Specific Psychological Disorder and Psychotherapies
Behaviour Modification
Psychology and Medical Issues
Advanced Skills Required by Psychologist
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