Common mistakes in Deciding a career

The decision of which career is likely to be the best possible choice, is often far more complex than it seems on the surface. One has to take into consideration a myriad of factors that are often not spoken about. There are some common mistakes or errors that people make while arriving at career choices for self or for dear ones, which can have a far deeper negative impact on their life and psyche. Some of these common mistakes or errors being, choosing a career:

  • That is above or below an individual’s mental ability, which often leads to frustration
  • For which an individual may not possess the essential skills, aptitude, personality and interest.
  • Based on what seems lucrative or glamorous.
  • Based on their assumptions than based on the exact nature of work one would be required to do.
  • Without considering the vacancies or its future employment potential. For instance, there are some career in which employment opportunities are limited
  • While looking at other person’s success than one’s strengths and limitations.
  • Based on percentage of marks obtained in examinations.

Thus, taking a wise career decision is as important as choosing a right life partner. These decisions though not quite easy to take are an essential, inevitable part of life having long term implications.

It is for you to decide……


Whether you would want to repeat these mistakes


Would you prefer to choose your career wisely?


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