Are you patient enough with your child ?

My twin daughters are 4 years old, they like doing everything together like playing, doing homework etc. But at times they fight a lot with each other.My husband and I try our best not to take sides or create any differences between them. But still our daughters feel that we take sides. I want to know that while parenting our daughters what all things do we keep in mind.’

Your child wants to be seen and heard. When you demonstrates patience, you are also giving your child the message that he is valued and validated. And when you lose patience, you can create stress and frustration for your child. Here are 5 tips on how you can inculcate patience in your parenting style/ approach.

5 tips on how to be patient with your child

  1. Praise Them – Always try to find something positive in whatever work or task your child does, compliment them for their efforts. In case of twins, take names separately and praise and appreciate them.
  2. Equal Participation – Involve your children in different games and tasks, which requires equal participation. This will teach them the concept of ‘sharing’.
  3. Follow the rules– Make a few rules and define them. Make sure that everyone follows them.
  4. “Stop, Look, and Listen” -To your child, you show him / her that he is important, that you believe in him/ her , and that you have empathy and compassion for his/ her feelings. Active listening is based on patience and leads to the confidence needed for self-mastery.
  5. Make eye contact– Making eye contact when talking with your child, you lower his/her frustration, and give him/her  the message that you are with him/her  and you are present for whatever it is he/she  is doing. 

This article was published in the recent edition August ’18 of The Jagran Sakhi. The full article is attached below.

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