Is your child born naughty?

My son is 5 years old, he is very good at studies, but he is very mischievous . We live in a joint family, so that’s why the family members keep comparing his behaviour to that of his cousins.  Due to this reason, I have become quite strict with him, but because of this he is losing his self confidence.  I am very worried about him, what should I do?’

A naughty child is the one who knows the difference between right and wrong but lacks the maturity to exert self- control. Parents have to be very patient with naughty children.

Yes – we understand that every child is different. Though, there are some suggestions that you should definitely implement to handle a mischievous kid. 

Here are some 5 tips for parents to deal with their naughty kids:

  1. Try to understand the reason behind it– Before you taking any drastic measure, it is important to learn why your child is acting so differently. A lot of times, kids act mischievously because they want attention or feel inferior. 
  2. Set strict ground rules– Set rules like cleaning their room on their own, laying out the dining table. This way the child will also feel responsible. Also, let your kids know about the consequences they would go through if they won’t follow the ground rules.
  3. Be their friend– Sometimes being a parent does not help that much as being a friend. Create that space for your child, so that he/she can share things with you.
  4. Set screen limits for their smart devices – It is quite common for kids to get addicted to their smartphones . If you don’t want them to be addicted, then set strict time limits for their devices. You can use a third-party parental control app to do the same.
  5. Restrain negative behavior– You need to understand that while growing up, kids learn almost everything from their parents. If you shout at them or even hit them, then it can have a negative impact on their psychology. Try to be calm and convey your emotions in a more thoughtful way without any negative influence.

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