ADHD-Its more about perception..

When I was a little girl….trying to concentrate on anything in particular was a big task, be it, in studies, talking to someone or in some activity. I was the kid who couldn’t score more than average in the class because of lack of attention and bad handwriting. Teachers didn’t like me, they used to compare me to other kids who did better, which used to feel like as if my confidence level dropped from the tallest building. No other kid would talk to me as the teachers didn’t like me, my parents weren’t aware of this  

I stopped trying in class, I stopped trying to make friends, I stopped saying even a single word to anyone in school and was opposite at my house. For a 6 year old, it was a monstrous pressure that felt like breaking my back. I managed to pass my exams with so-so marks, which took my and my mother’s maximum effort.

But then one day I met an angel, my class teacher in grade IV, who changed my life for good. Initially, she thought I was mute but she was startled on hearing me sing a song one fine afternoon sitting in a corner of my classroom merrily looking out of the window.

She called my parents and asked them to take me to a psychologist. Instead of a healthy suggestion, it seemed to my parents, more like a verdict passed on me as if I had done some criminal offense. With great resentment, disgust and anger, they took me to a psychologist, where I was diagnosed with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

But, I was very happy as for the first I found someone who seemed genuinely interested in me without a bias or judgment or any pre-conceived notions. Instead of throwing a list of problems at me or haunting me with the defects I had, she choose to focus more on my positive and saw me more as a real, alive, creative, intelligent child who was much more than just a diagnostic label or a mere useless person whom nobody liked and wanted to be friends with.

The psychologist helped me in boasting my confidence and taught me several tricks that enabled me to focus better and cope really well with my academic concerns. For the first time, I also began to believe in myself and thought that yes even I can become someone worthy in life. I began to focus on my creative side more and began to enjoy things that I earlier simply resented. Today, I am a much more confident, happy person who is doing a major in psychology and want to help many more who would have otherwise gone lost or buried under the huge heap of rejections and negative statements and remarks that seemed to come from all over.  

Even today I sometimes have to put in an extra effort in concentrating at something and do find it difficult to finish reading a complete book sitting at one place, but all this no more stops me from harnessing the potential I carry, from chasing my dreams and from living the life I always wanted to live

My ADHD couldn’t get me. It is not a disorder for me, it’s just a different way of being which has its own charms and challenges. Thanks to my psychologist that enabled me to see my ADHD as a small hurdle which I learned to jump over with much grace and ease.

Hope you all find the strength and the right guidance, that way I found with the help of my psychologist which certain to become my MMM—More Meaningful Me.


Rachita Wahi

UPS Youth Wellness Ambassador

BA (Hons.), III year, Applied Psychology

Amity University, NOIDA

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