About Us

Our Uniqueness

Difficulties, stress and hassles have somewhere become the other name of life. In today’s scenario, there is not even a single person, be it an adult or a child, who is free from problems. Problems and difficulties varying in intensity and frequency affect our social, emotional, psychological and physical well being and tend to gradually incapacitate our ability to function effectively. In order to arrive at some solution we often end up speaking to friends, colleagues, relatives and elders and keep on experimenting, wandering in the alleys of trial and error to find a complete solution. Unfortunately many of us continue to wander with the hope of finding a complete satisfactory solution. In this process we end up wasting lot of our valuable, irreversible time, energy and money and our problems and frustration continue to mount gradually becoming unmanageable.

Our mission

UPS aspires to provide highly specialized, authentic, confidential, professional counseling services throughout the globe in your difficult moments wherever you are and at all times, thereby enabling you to live a happy, holistic and a gratifying life. it aspires to provide solutions to all kinds of problems one faces at different phases and walks of life to create healthy bodies, spirited hearts, sound mind and happy lives.

Our Objectives

We at unique psychological services desire to bring to you a highly professional, certified and experienced team of professionals who have been intensively trained in various disciplines to listen, understand, help and assist you in your difficult times thereby enabling you to arrive at meaningful satisfactory solutions and to eventually turn you into effective problem solvers, enhancing your well being, health and happiness. UPS’s multi-fold objectives are

(1). It aims to offer Psychological services across the globe to enable individuals and families to lead a successful meaningful life.

(2). It aims to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of various psychological concerns.

(3). It aims to promote effective coping skills, life styles, life skills and strategies aiming at psychological well-being.

(4). It aims to conduct research into various psychological issues, their impact on the individual and society at large and to discover effective ways of dealing with them.

What are the problem areas UPS caters to ?

What kindof services does UPS provide?

One-to-one counseling services Telephonic counseling services E- counseling services Career guidance Psychotherapy Employee assistance programs De-addiction and rehabilitation services Health psychological services Hypnotherapy

Our mission How does it Work?

To avail these services all you need to do is to contact us through phone or email or by meeting us in person and share your concerns. Our experts on this side are available 24 hours to cater to your needs to the best of your satisfaction.

Who are the professional working at UPS?

UPS works as a growth oriented,integrated team of highly qualified, RCI registered professionals having rich experience in the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology,  counseling, special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, nutrition, Yoga, law and HRD. Our counseling team is highly specialized and posses post graduate qualifications in the various above mentioned fields. In addition, each counselor has undergone specialized training in face-to-face counseling, tele-counseling, electronic- counseling, psychological testing and psycho diagnostic techniques to ensure optimum quality of service delivery. The team has extensive experience and has worked with various renowned Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Psychiatric clinics, NGO’s, schools and MNC’s across the country.