Myths about Learning Disability

  • Myth #1: Children with learning disabilities have below average intelligence and cannot learn.
  • Myth #2: Children having Learning disability cannot learn much and hence cannot succeed in life.
  • Myth #3: People with learning disabilities, that are successful, do so by pretending "normal" like everyone else.
  • Myth #4: Learning disabilities are only academic in nature. They do not affect other areas of person's life.
  • Myth #5: Learning disabilities are just excuse for irresponsible, unmotivated or lazy children who just don't want to study.
  • Myth #6: Learning disabilities only affect children. Adults grow out of learning disabilities.
  • Myth #7: Learning disabilities are very difficult to identify and diagnose.
  • Myth #8: All children having poor handwriting have dysgraphia.
  • Myth #9: Learning disabilities affect males more than females.
  • Myth #10: School accommodations and individual education plans give students with learning disabilities an unfair advantage.