Depression-Hopelessness, Helplessness & Worthlessness

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Depression is one of the most disabling and common disorders. The most common cognitive features are hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. In the blog I will discus these three tings only.

  • Hopelessness (pessimistic view of future)Hopelessness is the pessimistic view about future, person in depression thinks there is nothing in his/her future, there is no hope, future will be worse only.
  • Helplessness (Pessimistic view of getting help)- Depressive person thinks that nobody, including he/she can help herself/himself.
  • Worthlessness – Person also thinks that he/she is not worthy of anything.

If you and your loved one feels something like that for few weeks continuously that is a sign of depression. There are other feature also. To get help and understand the condition feel free to contact your psychologist they will help you out.

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