Which tests are good for career assessment?

It has been seen that many times schools, teachers, parents and students are puzzled about what is career assessment, how one can reach to right decision. The best decision can be taken by using best tests so for that we have to understand what are best test for career assessment. We assess Personality, Interest & Aptitude of the person to arrive at decision.

There are several standardized aptitude, personality and interest tests available for different age groups of people. Each test has its strengths and limitations. The choice of the test should be made keeping the following points in mind:

  1. The age group of people who need to be tested is one of the criteria as each test can not be done every age group.
  2. Their literacy levels and ability to comprehend language.
    The purpose of testing to enable a child to choose a stream of education; or to make a decision regarding the super specialization one needs to opt for; or to figure out a job-person match or whether one is dealing with mid-life crises.
  3. The time taken to administer the test.
  4. The setting in which the test shall be administered like group or individual.
  5. The simplicity involved in scoring and analyzing the test.
  6. The accuracy of the test scores.
  7. The norms on which the test was standardized norms provide one with a reference index or a score against which the score obtained by an individual can be compared with and some understanding can be arrived at.
  8. The reliability and validity of a test -the higher the reliability and the validity of a test, the higher is the confidence on can lay in the findings of that test.
  9. The various practical applications of the test, when generalizing the findings of a test care must be taken. One should take into account the applications of the test as given in the respective manual.

One also needs to keep in mind that no test by itself is good or bad. Each one has its application, utility, strengths and weakness too. It is the choice of test, the reasons behind the same and the accuracy with which it is administered and scored, is what makes it valuable and worthy.

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