Depression Role of Family, Friends and Relative

In depression person feels hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness and due these feels they avoid friends, family and relative and they don’t seek help as they think that nothing will change in life. Family, friends and relative can encourage these people to get help and treatment. Family friends and relative can do fowling things to help person with depression.


  • They can encourage them to talk about how they are feeling and get them to work out what they can do, or what they need to change, in order to deal with their depression.
  • You can show that you care by listening, sympathetically, by being affectionate, by appreciating them, or simply by spending time with them.
  • If they live alone and are keeping themselves isolated, you could leave a message so that they know you are concerned about them.
  • Try not to blame the person for being depressed, or tell them to ‘pull themselves together’. They are probably already blaming themselves, and criticism is likely to make them feel even worse.

Hopefully that will help to understand the role of family and friends.

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